How to teach coding with LEGOS

How to teach coding with LEGOS

If you want your child to develop an interest in coding at an early age, LEGO may just be the method to adopt. Coding may seem like a complicated subject that we do behind a computer, but it is straightforward. Coding entails telling something what to do, and legos are the perfect toys to teach them the idea behind coding.

Not sure how legos can teach them coding?
Check out the levels of coding

Level 1; knowing the basics. This is just simply knowing how to sort your components which in this case are legos. You can have your little one separate the bricks by the colors and sizes of the bricks.

Level 2; recognizing patterns. Legos have different patterns, so after sorting, we work on patterns. The simpler, the better, so we can start with ABC patterns.

Level 3; give your patterns meaning. A pattern can represent a letter; for example, a blue brick can represent the letter A, two can represent the letter B, and so on.
This is just the basics of coding. Coding is for everyone, even though there is a lot more to it, but you can see that coding is not just a big deal.

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