3 Ways STEM Learning Speaks To The Future Of Work

3 Ways STEM Learning Speaks To The Future Of Work

Educators around the world are using STEM learning to frame their classrooms. The STEM discipline permeates all aspects of life and prepares students for their futures. Here are three different ways STEM learning empowers students and teachers for the next step in their education or career.

👉Develop problem-solving skills
STEM courses teach students transferable skills to any career; as students develop problem-solving skills through challenges, their creativity flourishes.

👉Fill jobs in vital industries.
Today, technology can be found in almost every industry. For example, educational institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and transportation companies rely on technology. Thus, the demand for STEM professionals is high. In addition, the need for skilled professionals as diverse as nurse managers to marine engineers is growing.

👉Develop educator skill sets
Many teachers that do not specialize in STEM find themselves teaching concepts like coding. As a result, educators are learning new skills alongside their students. This continuous learning and professional development help teachers build confidence in the classroom.
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