What Are Your Beliefs About STEM? Fact or Myth?

What Are Your Beliefs About STEM? Fact or Myth?

You may have heard of certain remarks about STEM that may have formed your beliefs. You, therefore, may be influenced by these beliefs when looking to pursue an interest in STEM for your kid. First, however, you need to know whether these tightly held beliefs have any basis in reality or are just good old myths. So, to help you understand the nature of some of these non-facts, let me state some of the common ones around:
1. Your child needs to be a genius to succeed in STEM
2. You kid has to be very good at maths and science to be successful in STEM
3. Only boys do well in STEM
4. STEM overwhelms young learners
5. STEM is expensive

What are your own learned beliefs about STEM? Share them with me in the comment section, and let’s figure out together if they are facts or myths.

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