How To Help Struggling Readers

How To Help Struggling Readers

Not every child will immediately pick an interest in reading. Some will be willing but still, struggle to read. An important first step in helping struggling readers is figuring out what they already know to determine what to teach next. This can be done by assessing the child to determine these;

  • 💢Does the child know all his/her letter sounds?
  • 💢How many words does he/she recognize?
  • 💢When he/she reads a word, does she sound it out one letter at a time (“N-O-T”), or does she know it by heart (“not”)?
  • 💢Even if he/she isn’t able to read the entire word correctly, does he/she recognize the first letter sound in the word?
  • 💢Does he/she stop at that first sound and guess the rest of the word, or does he/she continue sounding out the remaining letters?


Also, it helps if you can build up foundational pre-reading skills such as;

  • 💢Phonological awareness – being able to hear the sounds in words
  • 💢Letter recognition – identifying the name and sound of letters
  • 💢Print awareness – knowing how to read a book and understanding that letters make words
  • 💢Motivation – having an interest in learning how to read


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