How you can set up a small STEM lab at home

How you can set up a small STEM lab at home

Are you thinking of the best way to keep kids busy, learning, and having fun? Make them a science lab at home!⠀

Kids often become bored staying at home, especially during holidays, but a science lab will open up a world of possibilities to them. From creating a chemical reaction to engineering a paper glider, experimenting with science is fun and educational.⠀

Setting up a STEM lab would be a great way to use this extra time indoors to encourage your child’s curiosity and passion for science. So here are a few tips on how to go about it:⠀

💥You need to create an inspiring environment⠀

💥You need some furniture⠀

💥Sets of STEM DIY kits⠀

💥Construction materials⠀

💥You also can bring in some household junks⠀

💥And finally, some good old STEM learning materials⠀

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