How To Encourage Children To Love Science

How To Encourage Children To Love Science

Did you know that every child is born with an inherent capability to succeed as a scientist? It is in their nature to experiment with new things, seeking answers to unending questions, and be curious about everything they see. As a result, young children pick up anything and develop a genuine interest in the world around them. But when they start school, they may tend to lose interest in science. They grow up, and suddenly everything around them may seem complicated, boring, and out of touch. ⠀

So as parents, what can you do to encourage them to love science?⠀
It is simple! ⠀

💥Create a science-friendly home and keep encouraging them to experiment. Encourage them to ask questions and participate in science programs. ⠀

💥Allow them to play video games. Video games introduce them to virtual worlds and nurture their interest in the science of coding. However, not all games will teach them programming language, but many will, so you need to help them find them.⠀

💥Help them keep up with the latest discoveries. There are new scientific discoveries every day, so it will be nice to encourage them to follow major scientific breakthroughs.⠀

💥Converging education and entertainment is an effective way of keeping students engaged and interested in STEM⠀

These are just a few ways you can encourage them to love science. Do you have a way to encourage them? Please drop a comment below💬⠀

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