How You Can Help Sharpen Your Kid's Intuition

How You Can Help Sharpen Your Kid's Intuition

😇😇Your intuition is your innate guidance system. It’s your inner compass. It gives you the coordinates to navigate life with a feeling of what is suitable for you. It is, therefore, important to nurture this gift in your children👫.

Intuition is instrumental to excel in STEM. The best people in STEM, past and present, are the most intuitive thinkers. Intuition helps to strengthen your imagination and reasoning, keeping you focused on what is most important amidst much information💭💭.

Here are a few ways you can help your kids nurture their intuition

👉Ask them a lot of questions about anything and everything. You will be helping them develop a curious mind and making them trust their feelings and decision-making.

👉Honor and validate their wisdom.

👉Give up your position of knowing better than them sometimes.

👉Help them to stay connected to the natural world. Children instinctually relax in natural settings, and their intuitive capacity blossoms.

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