Who can become an Engineer

Who can become an Engineer

Children are really natural engineers. There is this natural inclination for any of them to want to break things just as they also want to fix or build them. That there is literally who an engineer is. ⠀

So if you ask who can become an engineer? I will look you straight in the face and tell you, “Anyone!” What usually happens is that along the way, as we grow up, many of us lose the curiosity that we used to have as children. We then branch out and take up other interests. ⠀

Interestingly, parents often aid the branching-out process by simply doing nothing. Well, you really can do something if you want to as a parent. You can help the kids retain that childlike curiosity by creating the right environment to play and learn in the STEM way. ⠀

So if you want your child to become an engineer in the future, you don’t need to force it. Instead, just create an environment around them that keeps their curiosity alive and pushes them to explore their inner creativity. That way, you stand a great chance of success. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the great American astrophysicist, usually says, “A scientist (engineer) is an adult who never lost their childlike curiosity.”⠀

If you want to be better at raising your kids the STEM way, why don’t you check my website at >>http://www.tiffaniteachey.com<< where you will find many interesting resources on the subject, including my book series on STEM.⠀
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