Here are tips to raising an Engineer.

Here are tips to raising an Engineer.

We don’t have to rely on the school system to raise a future engineer. These tips will help you raise a future engineer without relying on the educational system.

👉Start buying STEM toys; we have a large variety of STEM toys available on the market, so you are spoiled for choice. All you need to do is get the age-appropriate toys and your child will have a swell time learning. Stock up on toys that encourage building like LEGOs.

👉Create adequate opportunities for them to use these toys; try not to restrict them a lot as playing with toys can be said to be constructive play.

👉Interact and encourage your child; if they build something, talk about it. Ask them to tell you the idea behind what they build. Create challenges and watch them soar.

As they grow older, their learning style changes and you will need to change their toys and learning aids. 🙂
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